Services Include:

  • Planning and scheduling
  • Budget monitoring and bid documentation
  • Purchase order processing and expediting
  • Online reporting systems
  • Invoice and accounting management
  • Warehousing and installation coordination



Planning and Scheduling

Planning and scheduling is essential in building the team for a successful project. During this process a working draft will be outlined. It will include procedures for specifications, bids, budgets, reporting systems, projected time-lines, and installations.

Budget and Bid Documentation

Primary budgets will be reviewed to determine how the planned schedule can be met. During this time all design/architectural specifications will be examined, competitively bid and negotiated on behalf of the client ensuring the best quality products are purchased at the most competitive prices.

As part of the reporting system a computer generated bid analysis will be presented to the client for final approval.

Purchase Order Processing and Expediting

Purchase orders will be issued on an “Agent only” status on behalf of the owner. All necessary credit applications will be completed by Purchasing Dimensions on behalf of the client to establish the best credit terms with each vendor. Deposit summaries will be supplied to the client as needed in order to expedite the purchase orders.

Purchase orders will be sent to the client for final approval and then dispatched, as agreed, to the vendors. All order acknowledgements will be reviewed for accuracy and kept on file for follow up. On-going vendor communication will be maintained in order to coordinate the delivery of items meeting the prescribed installation schedule.

Reporting Systems and Invoice Documentation

Computer generated reports will be supplied to the client for their use in monitoring the project status. These will outline items purchased, items outstanding, budget, delivery information and invoicing. These reports can be customized to meet the particular needs of the client and the individual project. The reports will be distributed in accordance with the proposed plan; weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, etc.

Warehousing and Installation Coordination

Bids will be solicited for installation and warehousing to ensure competitive pricing.

The quality of service offered by each installation company will be examined by Purchasing Dimensions and a recommendation will be submitted to the client.

Delivery arrangements will be handled by Purchasing Dimensions and on-site installations will be monitored.

All products will be inspected for problems in quality due to manufacturing or shipping, and a punch list will be prepared.